PART B – Preparation and Planning

As what Shireen has mentioned, today’s class really helped us a lot on doing Assignment 3 (Part B – Preparation and Planning). Our lecturer gave clear explanations on how should we do it, and what are the suitable information we can put in.

There are 2 parts we need to include which are: –

  • Context – the description of the Professional Experience context
  • Planning – views of learning, teaching, and the role of ICTs in student learning (with theory and approach to support)

Here are some important points we have to think of when writing Planning:-

  • Must have links to theory
  • Don’t explain theory, reference it and explain how you use it in planning
  • Have a general planning approach that is linked to your PE context
  • Don’t have to write prose
  • Turn the rubrics into questions, ask them

Hope I can finish up my PART B as soon as possible! 🙂


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