Assignment 3

Yayy! I am now entering the third week of my practicum, and my PRAC will end in 2 more days. As what Crystal has mentioned, is also means that we are graduating soon! After our PRAC, the next thing that we need to focus is our Assignment 3.

What do we need to do for Assignment 3? There are 4 parts which contains 40%.

a) Learning Journal – 5 %, the blog we created since Assignment 1, and we need to continue to blog until end of our Assignment 3

b) Preparation – 10%, write about our PRAC school context and the use of ICTs in our lessons (500-1000 words)

c) Lesson plans – 5%, the 5 lessons we taught children during PRAC, including reflection

d) Evaluation and lessons learned – 20%, evaluating ICT integration and identifying lessons that I’ve learned for next time (1000-1500 words).

Go! Go! Go!!!


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