Part C – Lesson Plans

Another week to go before Assignment 3 due date. Part A does not seem to be a problem for me to get 5%, and I’m still on the progress to do posting. I have finished my part B, and now starting on part C. We have to complete the 5 lesson plans which are required in our Assignment 3. Yet, it only worth 1% for each lesson plan, just like what Crystal and Shireen said about it. Too much work to do and so less mark will be given. I have not done my Part C yet, and I’m not sure how long time will I need to complete it. And lastly will be the last part of Assignment 3 which is part D that worth the most marks in this assignment, 20%. I need some energy boost to push my energy and brain to think and get more ideas to do it. 😦

Good luck people!


Listening Center for children

In my PRAC school, there is a room which provides a listening center for the children. There are 8 headphones and 1 microphone placed on the table for the teacher and children to use. Usually, the teacher will use the microphone to talk to children, and children put on the headphone to listen. Thus, in 1 of my lessons planned for children, I provide opportunities for children to use the microphone. Each of the children takes turn to read a page of the storybook to their friends. Some of the children found it so funny when they heard their own voice and keep laughing with their friends. However, children tend to focus more when they put on the headphone, and able to enhance their listening skills. Children should be encourage to use all the different ICT tools which can help them in their learning or development.


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Computer vs. iPad

In one of the meeting / discussion with my mentor during my PRAC, she posed this question to me, “Some of the preschools are using iPads instead of computers. Will you follow the trend? What do you think?”.  Therefore, I would like to share my thinking here.

In my opinion, I would prefer my school to use computers. This is because ……

1) Children can enhance their eye-hand coordination where they have to look at the monitor and fingers to type the words using keyboard.

2) The knowledge of parts of computer and using it. This means that if the child knows how to use an iPad, it does not mean that the child will know how to use a computer. Using an iPad is easy which only require our finger to touch on it, and a button to on and off it. However, computer is very much different where children need to know what they must press or click to shut down the computer, and using all the different buttons on the keyboard.

Of course there are many more other reasons. But I will stop here and listen to others’ opinions. So, would you like to share with me?


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PART B – Preparation and Planning

As what Shireen has mentioned, today’s class really helped us a lot on doing Assignment 3 (Part B – Preparation and Planning). Our lecturer gave clear explanations on how should we do it, and what are the suitable information we can put in.

There are 2 parts we need to include which are: –

  • Context – the description of the Professional Experience context
  • Planning – views of learning, teaching, and the role of ICTs in student learning (with theory and approach to support)

Here are some important points we have to think of when writing Planning:-

  • Must have links to theory
  • Don’t explain theory, reference it and explain how you use it in planning
  • Have a general planning approach that is linked to your PE context
  • Don’t have to write prose
  • Turn the rubrics into questions, ask them

Hope I can finish up my PART B as soon as possible! 🙂


PRAC lessons – 1st


For my 3 weeks of PRAC, the theme for my 5 years old children is about food. The first lesson I taught my children was spell the name of the food. The ICT tool that integrated into this lesson was using one of the software in the computer which is Notepad. The 5 years old children have not been exposing to Notepad before and they did not do any typing using keyboard. Therefore, I used 5 – 10 minutes to explain to children some of the basic typing knowledge they need to know, such as space bar, backspace, and enter. Then, each child takes turn to try the activity where they will come to me, and take out a food from the bag I prepared for them. After that, they will tell me the name of the food and spell it out.

Although I was able to carry out this lesson, I realized that I did not do it well. One of the reasons is because I make the children waited for too long and they started to lose their attention.

** I must think deeply how to make this lesson better if I am going to carry out the lesson. **


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Assignment 3

Yayy! I am now entering the third week of my practicum, and my PRAC will end in 2 more days. As what Crystal has mentioned, is also means that we are graduating soon! After our PRAC, the next thing that we need to focus is our Assignment 3.

What do we need to do for Assignment 3? There are 4 parts which contains 40%.

a) Learning Journal – 5 %, the blog we created since Assignment 1, and we need to continue to blog until end of our Assignment 3

b) Preparation – 10%, write about our PRAC school context and the use of ICTs in our lessons (500-1000 words)

c) Lesson plans – 5%, the 5 lessons we taught children during PRAC, including reflection

d) Evaluation and lessons learned – 20%, evaluating ICT integration and identifying lessons that I’ve learned for next time (1000-1500 words).

Go! Go! Go!!!


Assignment 2 RESULT

Finally, all the Assignment 2 results were released to the Segi students. We had been waiting for it so long, even can feel our neck is as long as giraffe. I did not get very high or good mark for Assignment 2, however, I passed it. I do not feel happy and satisfy with my result. After read through the feedback, I can see that I did not do it well and not fulfilling all the requirements in the rubrics.

So, now I can only put my hope on Assignment 3 and put in more efforts while doing it. This Saturday class will be discussing on Assignment 3 – Part B, I believe the discussion can help us a lot and make sure we are doing it right!

Let’s FIGHT for the last assignment!!! *WE CAN DO IT!*